• The Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs invites applications from the eligible candidates for the following vacant positions:

    Sl.No Position Title Position Level Vacant Positions Minimum Qualification Job Location
    1 Civil Engineer P4 A 1 Bachelor in Civil Engineering Gasa Dzong Conservation project
    2 Jr. Civil Engineer S2 A 1 Cl. XII with 2 yrs Diploma (Civil Engineering) Phajoding Conservation project
    3 Electrical Engineer P4 A 1 Bachelor in Electrical Engineering Pemagatshel Dzong Construction project and Sarpang Dzong Construction project
    4 Architect P4 A 1 Bachelors (Arch) Pemagatshel Dzong Construction project and Sarpang Dzong Construction project

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  • As approved by the 49th HRC meeting held on January 16, 2015. The Ministry is pleased to announce the transfer of the employees under this ministry as attached below:

    DCRC Staff
    Immigration Staff
    Dzongkhag Cultural Officer
    Dzongkhag/Dungkhag Staff

  • The Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites, Department of Culture under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs would like to inform all the bidders that the Consulting Services for “Study of Typology of Rammed Earth Buildings” under the Improving Resilience to Seismic Risk Project-Improving Seismic Resilience of Traditional Bhutanese Buildings has now been awarded to the NCREP-Consultancy on Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Ltd. and M/s Gayul Engineering Consultancy in association with Himalayan Engineering and Management Consultancy.

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  • The Department of Disaster Management (DDM), MoHCA invites sealed tenders from eligible national bidders for the following items: 

    Sl.No Items Tender submission deadline Tender opening date, time & venue
    1 Workstation desktop computer 9/2/15 , 12 Noon 9/2/15, 2:30 pm, DDM Office
    2 Workstation laptop 9/2/15 , 12 Noon 9/2/15, 2:30 pm, DDM Office
    3 GPS inbuilt power shot camera 9/2/15 , 12 Noon 9/2/15, 2:30 pm, DDM Office

    The tender document can be obtained from Adm. Section, DDM upon payment of Nu. 300/- each (non-refundable) from 13/01/15 to 9/2/15 during office hours. Kindly visit www.ddm.gov.bt for detail specifications of the items or contact Mr. Jigme Chogyal at 326910 or Ms. Sita at 322945 during office hours for further information. Specification can be downloaded here

  • The Royal Civil Service COmmission during its 19th Commission Meeting held on 30th January, 2015 reviewed the duration criteria for fast-track promotion and civil servants who still exist in sublevels below A in the Position Category P,S, & O. For more details click here.