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Exit Ceremony for Two Former Dzongdags

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The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs congratulate former Dzongdag of Dagana Dzongkhag and Pemagatshel Dzongkhag for their successful superannuation from the service. On the auspicious day coinciding with 30th… Read more »

Civil Service Award 2020

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The Civil Servant Award Ceremony was organized on December 15, 2020 at the Department of Culture. The Offtg. Hon’ble Secretary graced the ceremony and congratulated 61 recipients of Civil Service… Read more »

New Hon’ble Secretary

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Upon receiving Dhar from His Majesty The King today, Sonam Wangyel joined as the Hon’ble Secretary for the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.   Prior to this new appointment, Hon’ble… Read more »

Public Notification

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  In view of the rapidly evolving situation in the region regarding COVID-19 and to mitigate the risks posed by the this pandemic, all international border crossings shall be closed… Read more »