Re-opening of Ta Dzong National Museum, Paro

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His Excellency Nangsi Lyonpo, Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs and Her Excellency the Ambassador, Embassy of India, Thimphu inaugurated the Re-opening of Ta Dzong National Museum yesterday on June 24, 2020 with LhabsangThruesel (Purification ceremony) and consecration by the Venerable Lam Neten (Abbot), Paro Rabdhey (Monastic Administration).
His Excellencies also launched books on Mandala and Colloquium proceedings inside the Ta Dzong and virtual museum tour of Ta Dzong. The Re-opening was to commemorate the 40 th Birthday of His Majesty the King.
The Ta-Dzong Museum underwent a major restoration since 2014 after it was affected by the
earthquake. The renovation was carried out by the Department of Culture, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs under the Project Tied Assistance, GOI Funding and RGOB.