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Brigadier Kabir Kashyap, Chief Executive Officer of Dantak Project and Col. Mr. Rajsekhar from Government of India paid a visit to Hon’ble Nangsi Lyonpo on 22nd July 2020 to present their credentials. He highlighted on the exemplary relationship enjoyed by two countries on mutual trust and understanding. The Brigadier expressed his deep condolences to the Royal Government of Bhutan on the recent tragic incident in Gelephu.

Hon’ble Lyonpo expressed his sincere appreciation to the Chief for finding time to call on and conveyed gratefulness to the Government of India for their generous assistance in supplying the essential items incessantly during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Lyonpo said that Government of Bhutan, in fact, has always been thankful for the unwavering support rendered by the Government of India at all times.

Photo Courtesy & compiled by: PS