Invitation for Expression of Interest

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Qualified Bhutanese Universities/Institutes/Consulting Firms are invited to e-mail Expression of Interest (EOI) to carry out the following studies to Karpo Dukpa, Bhutan Philanthropy Ventures (BPV) at These should be no more than three pages and include: (1) a brief description of the firm; (2) descriptions of at least two relevant projects completed by the firm and (3) details of qualified in-house personnel proposed for the Study Team.

Project Assignments EOI submission deadline
A2.8: DLG Website Design, Development and Implementation 16 March 2021
A2.15: Study and Assessment on Compliance of LG Act, LGRR and other LG Functions 16 March 2021

The expected Output deliverables are:  (1) Final Inception Report including methodology and workplan scheduling; (2) presentation of Inception Plan to the Department of Local Governance (DLG, MoHCA); (3) Interim Progress Updates and (4) Final Study Report.

The activity will be managed by DAI, Brussels and contribute to the European Union funded project titled: Technical Assistance for Renewable Natural Resources and Climate Change Response and Local Governments and Decentralisation-BHUTAN  (EU-TACS).

The duration of the studies and other timelines can be found in the Request for Proposals (RFP) which includes Terms of Reference (TOR) and can be downloaded from the below link;

TOR for LG Compliance

RfP (ToR) for DLG Website