About Department


Today, the Department is a full-grown organization with appointment of a full-fledged Director. RCSC has approved for establishment of three Divisions with total staff strength of 24, for the 10th FYP. The Department is currently staffed with 18 staff. The post of one Chief Programme Officers and 5 Programme Officers are still lying vacant.

The decision of the Government on re-establishment of a full-fledged Department of Local Governance was premised on the need to streamline the coordination and management of the emerging issues of local governance to foster successful implantation of democratic governance system in local governments. As such, the functional mandate of the Department pertains to overall coordination, management and evaluation of development activities of the 20 districts and 205 Gewogs. All the relevant activities that are hitherto carried out by Local Development Division of the GNH Commission are gradually being transferred to the Department to streamline the functional responsibilities between the two agencies. As such, the Gewog Administrative Officers have been recently transferred to DLG, with a mandate to monitor the activities in the respective Gewogs.

Vision & Mission


To have accountable, credible, efficient and transparent local governments that work toward furthering the process of decentralization and materializing the ideals of democracy and Gross National Happiness.


  • Support and facilitate effective implementation of the decentralization policy of the RGoB.
  • Facilitate effective coordination on all issues relating to local governance between local governments and central agencies.
  • Enhance capacities of local governments and their functionaries.
  • Create and support programmes/projects of various sectors.
  • Provide advisory services to the local governments.
  • Strengthen administrative and management systems of local governments.
  • Enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of local governments.
  • Ensure effective and efficient delivery of services to the people in a sustainable manner.
  • Further the democratic processes through fostering direct participation of the people.


2009: Local Government Act to Bhutan, 2009.

2009: Draft Local Government Rules and Regulations for LG Act, 2009

2009: DSA for Gups increased to Nu. 500/.

2009: Community Contracting Protocol printed and distributed to Dzongkhags

2009: Capacity development Strategy drafted

2009: Formalized “Helpline” for Local Government put in place.

2009: Developed radio spots and advocacy materials on decentralization and annual grants       to sensitize LGs on these issues with expenditure of Nu. .29 million funded by LGSP .

Training and sensitization of community contract protocol to the LGs(elected/staff). Successful implementation of the protocol on farm road in Wangdue and accordingly revised and recommended for up scaling to 20 districts to address technical/procurement challenges in local development. Expenditure incurred is Nu. 0.15 million funded by LGSP.

  1. Last batch of Computer supplied to 6 Gewogs accountants (Lhuentse Dzongkhag), additionaly Supply of 5 nos of projectors and digital camera and laptops for 5 dungkhags. Expenditure incurred is Nu.
  2. 49 million funded by LGSP.
  3. Institutional support to DLG(website, ePABX system, LAN). DLG website developed and LAN set-up at Nu. 76 million( LGSP)
  4. The Department has drafted the Entitlement Bill for Local Government functionaries to be tabled in the coming session. Expenditure incurred on consultant is Nu. 0.36 Million (LGSP)