Terms and Conditions of Catering

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  1. The agreement of canteen contract shall be valid initially for a period of one year and thereafter it may be extended for a further period of one year as desired and approved by the canteen management committee.
  2. The quotation or price list of the food items will be part of this canteen contract agreement and will be valid for one year but can be reviewed during the period of this agreement only once after six months with mutual discussions except aerated drinks and other standard packaged items supplied in canteen. Prices of the food items will be revised whenever manufacturers/market revises them but with prior information to Canteen management committee. The contractor will supply only such items specifically approved by the canteen management committee. However, more items can be included in the menu with prior approval of the canteen management committee.
  3. The contractor will indicate weight/quantity of food items with sale price and shall be responsible for providing all food items after entering the contract agreement.
  4. DCRC, MoHCA will be responsible for supply of canteen space (structure) and their annual maintenance.
  5. The contractor will be responsible for electricity and water bill and will not claim any reimbursement of expenses on this account.
  6. The contractor will be responsible to equip canteen with standard furniture and basic canteen equipment (fixed line, drinking water cooler)
  7. Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness shall be observed in the running of the kitchen, the Canteen Hall and connected services by the Contractor and workers engaged by Contractor including those responsible for collection of used utensils and periodic disposal of waste and refuse.
  8. The contractor will fully maintain health and hygiene of the canteen (including toilet) and food items. In case of any food poisoning/Contamination the contractor will be held fully responsible and will bear all the expenses caused due to food poisoning/Contamination.
  9. The Contractor will employ adequate number of staff in order to maintain efficiency to standard desired by BAFRA and canteen management committee.
  10. All persons engaged by the contractor shall be the Contractor’s own employees and they will claim no privileges from Department. The Contractor will be directly responsible for the administration of his employees as regards general discipline and courteous behaviour.
  11. The Contractor will get all his workers medically examined and certified by District Medical Officer, to be free from communicable diseases in addition to general fitness and will also ensure that waiters on duty are in proper uniform wearing name plates. The Contractor will also ensure that neat and clean uniforms are provided to his staff.
  12. The Contractor will be responsible for cleanliness of crockery, cooking utensils, furniture, fixtures and fittings, etc in the kitchen as well as the canteen hall. The DCRC administration will not provide any cleaning materials/dusters, etc. for the same.
  13. The Canteen shall be opened for catering during office hours on all working days. The working hours presently are from 9.00 a.m to 5 p.m hours. However, the Canteen will remain closed on Sundays and other holidays unless specifically told by DCRC administration. In case the Canteen is to be opened on holidays and kept open beyond office hours, Canteen management committee has the option to direct the Contractor to do so and permission to do so would be specific.
  14. All sales from the canteen shall be strictly against cash/credit and payment thereof will be made by the concern individuals. DCRC administration or canteen management committee shall neither be responsible nor is to be approached for any help in realising dues for any credit sales made to officers and staff in their personal capacity, which will be wholly to the risk of the Contractor. DCRC administration will make payment only for those placed orders for official purpose every month.
  15. The canteen shall be for the exclusive use of the employees of DCRC staff and their guests and any other persons allowed by DCRC administration. The Contractor shall be responsible for the quality of the eatables supplied and for the service. The food and refreshment items brought from outside are allowed to eat in the canteen only for DCRC staff and officers.
  16. Office room service will be required to be done by the Contractor to all points in the Sectoral office and in meeting rooms at all times from 9:30 a.m to 5.00 p.m hrs, however there will be no room service during lunch hours (including lunch). The Contractor cannot levy service charges towards the same, as specified in the rate list to begin with. This can be reviewed with mutual agreement as and when required.
  17. The Contractor will be responsible to make gate passes for the canteen workers which will be issued by the DCRC and should be produced on demand by DCRC authorities or police.
  18. In the event of failure, to supply the approved items without notice by the Contractor, the same will be arranged by the DCRC administration at the Contractor’s risk and cost.
  19. The contractor shall be responsible for labour act, immigration act, insurance act and canteen terms and conditions, DCRC and any other act directly or indirectly related for those employed in the canteen.
  20. DCRC administration or canteen management committee members have the right to take samples of the edibles/ raw material from the canteen for the purpose of inspection and testing with a view to maintain the quality and to inspect and oversee functioning of Canteen with a view to ensure hygiene and sufficient service in the canteen. In case there are repeated failures or lacuna noticed by the Committee due to failure of Contractor, the Canteen Management Committee reserves the right to terminate the contract. The inspection shall be done whenever deemed necessary.
  21. The Contractor will ensure that hazardous or inflammable or any intoxicating material is not stored in the canteen premises.
  22. The Contractor will pay monthly canteen fee of Nu. 5000 (Five thousand ) to DCRC for canteen space. The contractor will not sublet or assign the license or use the space provided for running the canteen for purposes other than running a canteen and shall not allow anybody or reside in the licensed premises and shall not use the same or part of it for stocking or keeping articles other than those needed for use in the canteen nor shall be made or permit to be made any structural additions and alterations to the same without written sanction of the Canteen management.
  23. The Contractor will deposit to DCRC a sum of Nu.20,000 (Nu. twenty thousand only) as security deposit or submit a bank guarantee valid for 15 months, for this amount towards the monthly rental fees of the canteen structure.
  24. The Contractor shall be responsible for all damages or losses to property (structure).and canteen management committee will not be in any way responsible for any loss or damages accruing to any goods, stores or articles that may be kept by the Contractor in the canteen premises including kitchen and other rooms.
  25. For termination of this agreement one months notice will be required from either side in writing. The Contractor shall vacate the licensed premises peacefully after the expiry of the licensed period and/ or earlier if desired by Canteen management committee and shall hand over the same to the authorised officer of the DCRC.
  26. The Contractor shall keep in a conspicuous place in the Cafeteria the approved rate list of items and a complaint book to record complaints, and this book shall be open to inspection by persons duly authorised by Canteen management committee. The contractor shall inform Canteen management committee of the action taken by him in respect of complaints recorded in the book and shall carry out such directions as may be given to him from time to time.
  27. In case of any dispute the matter shall be referred to the Canteen management committee and their decision will be final and binding on the Contractor.
  28. The Contractor has a bare permission only to run a canteen in the DCRC premises during the Contract period
  29. The Canteen Contractor will bring all crockery/utensils for the purpose of making, serving including Gas Burners.
  30. Failing to satisfy the customers choice, will be warned twice and will be terminated with forfeiture of the EMD without any explanation by the Procurement Officer.
  31. The DCRC or the canteen management committee will consider working experience in catering, hotel or running of canteen at least of 2 years or more.
  32. Decision taken by the committee is final and binding.
  33. The items that is not included in the list should be as per the MRP. If the bidder is seen charging higher than the MRP the canteen shall be expelled immediately.

Note: The rate quoted should be inclusive of all levied charges like tax, service charges, transportation etc. The work will be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder.