Collaboration for Capacity Building of Elected LG Functionaries

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The Terms of Reference is entered into on 30th November 2016 corresponding to the 1st Day of the 10th Month of Fire Male Monkey Year of the Bhutanese Calendar in Thimphu between Kerala Institute of Local Administration,Thrissur in India and Department of Local Governance, Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan.


The main objective of the ToR is to carry out collaborative initiatives for capacity building of the elected Local Government functionaries of Bhutan in particular to delegate more fiscal and administrative powers and functions to the LGs in line with the policy of decentralization promulgated by the visionary leaders of Bhutan and to provide expert services on local governance through collaborative projects.

KILA is synonymous with decentralization and local governance. The best of its kind in the third world, KILA aims to address the emerging issues of decentralized governance at the grass roots through a plethora of divergent activities like training, research, consultancy, policy advice, publications and information services. KILA thus becomes a harbinger of the emerging dawn of vibrant local democracy. KILA has been engaged in the capacity building activities of Local Self Governments in Kerala, both rural and urban, since its establishment in 1990. The state of Kerala is leading in the decentralized governance at the grass root with fully established community participation.

KILA actively collaborates with many national, international agencies and developing countries in Asia and Africa with a motive of strengthening the local governance institutions across the globe.