Announcement-PMO’s Office

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From frequent flakes as the harbinger over the last few days, the capital city wakes up to white layers of snow today. Our spiritual beliefs connote an auspicious end of the year, as we brace with hope and optimism for the new one.

As everyone is aware, our terrain makes commuting difficult and risky during snowfall. Certain Dzongkhags in the past have witnessed very heavy first snowfalls, as a result of which public institutions were asked to remain closed to ensure safety of the people. Over time, this became a tradition of declaring public holiday on the first snowfall of the year, irrespective of the extent.

The safety of our people is still of paramount importance today. However, technology today provides the means to work from any location, including one’s home. The pandemic has also successfully tested our ability to continue to work from any location.

Therefore, public institutions in Dzongkhags that are experiencing heavy snowfall today, December 29, 2021 are directed to continue to work through the activation of your “work-from-home” protocols. Royal Civil Service Commission and other relevant agency heads must coordinate and ensure all possible services are up and running.

Agencies providing essential services such as medical must ensure that they are available to the general public while also ensuring the safety of your employees. All agencies are directed to immediately inform the general public about what services will be available at your locations. Finally, all other services must resume as soon as commuting becomes safe.

To the general public, the snowfall uplifts our spirit amid the pandemic. We have tendencies to go for ride or photoshoot outdoor. Please be careful. With all the positivity, we urge you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Stay warm and safe.