Ministry launches its Documentation Guidelines

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The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA) launched its Documentation Guideline and documentation system called the Nangsid Documentation System (NDS) today, 23rd June 2022.

The guideline and the system were developed with the purpose of having strong documentation culture within the organization for operational efficiency, increased transparency and collaboration, and setting standards. It is also to do with institutionalizing a reliable and well-organized system of documentation and information management.

The guideline will also strengthen institutional memory of the organization, ensure digitization of documents and records, preservation and protection, systematic sharing of information, accountability, and aid in planning and making informed decision.

With the launch of the guidelines and system, all agencies under the Ministry shall maintain all types of documents and information through types of documentation and categorization specified therein, such as agency’s profile, policy and legal frameworks, reports and publications, and administrative documents, memoirs etc.

His Excellency, Nangsi Lyonpo, Ugyen Dorji graced the launching and expressed his appreciation and wishes for successful implementation of the initiative.